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Kathleen Harwood

Kathleen Cullen-Harwood

Founder and CEO

Kathleen Cullen-Harwood is a lifelong logophile: a devoted lover of words both written and spoken. While the convenience and portability of e-books is undeniable, the feel of a good hardcover book in a reader's hands or the eye's delight at the perfectly turned phrase married to its illustrated mirror image is beyond compare. From the outset her mantra to her five children has been: "You say it, You do it, You own it." The ability to communicate effectively through both verbal and written communication is an invaluable tool which, along with: an automatic please and thank you, the understanding of both forgiveness and regret and the sincere willingness to express it, a true appreciation for the value of others' time and the ability to laugh harder at oneself than others, Kathleen hopes to pass down to her children and ultimately her children's children.