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"Thank you for writing I am You, You Are Me. My husband died on 9/11 trying to help people at WTC. We have 9 yr old triplets and your book has helped me as much as them." ~ D.S., 42 yrs old, Woodbridge, VA

"I really love your book, I am You, You Are Me. It stays on the counter in the kitchen and I read it at least three times a day. Every time I read it, it brings back my adored daughter-in-law back to me. I cannot thank you enough." ~ M.A., 70 yrs old, Stony Point, NY

"I read your book " I Am You You Are Me" and thought it was beautiful. While I don't have any young children, I still enjoyed reading the book with its wonderful sentiments." ~ E.B. 47 yrs old, Saddle River, NJ

I Am You, You Are Me

Kathleen Cullen-Harwood

I Am You, You Are Me Cover